Monday, June 29, 2009

Personal Best

Yesterday I ran the Scotiabank Half Marathon here in Vancouver. It was a perfect day, a beautiful course and I ran a personal best finishing in 2:00:14. My goal was to finish sub 2 hours, and I was shy of that by just 14 seconds, but being that it was still a PB - I'm not to upset about it.

Today I am packing up and heading out to Osoyoos for the week where I'll be training my butt off for the next 6 days. Coach Allen put together a crazy program for me which includes about 8300M of swimming, 10 hours of biking and 4.5 hours of running. I'll be riding the infamous Richter Pass in Penticton which is well known for being the gruesome climb on the Ironman Canada course, running the half marathon run loop and swimming a 2000M time trial - all in preparation for my big race - the Desert Half Iron July 12.

The other important part of this week is the heat. Interior BC is a desert and the mercury rises to about 40 degrees during the day with very little humidity. It's plain old hot. This week will help me acclimatize and get used to the smoldering temps.

This may not be everyone's ideal vacation - but I am stoked on this week. I'm feeling stronger than ever, and with a personal best behind me, I'm feeling like this week will make me all that much stronger for my quickly approaching race in just 2 weeks.

I plan to post updates this week. So stay tuned and send all your extra energy my way.


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