Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogging in Thailand time

It's been some time since my last bolg update, and for those using my blog to make sure that all is well in my travels and that I'm getting around safely - sorry for the delay.

I'm currently in Chiang Mai which is in the northern part of Thailand. I've been here a few days now after moving through Cambodia visiting Phnom Phen and Siem Reap. All was very exciting and an interesting experience. Some I would do again, others I was glad to see go.

While I'm not at the need of my journey yet, I feel it coming soon. I'm starting to miss the comforts of home and especially Anthony. Nothing is as much fun when he's not around. There is still plenty that I want to see in Thailand, but it would take at least another month to see it all so I think I will save some of it when we can come back together another time.

Also, I find myself thinking alot about what's coming next for me. I find my mind is busy with thoughts of Powered By Noie and The Ride to Conquer Caner. I have projects at home I have been looking forward to starting since completing Ironman and of course, a job. While I'm not excited about the thought of going back to work, I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and I'm eager to put some wheels in motion.

If you've been watching CNN and are concerned about the flooding that has been reeking havoc on Thailand, worry not, I've stayed clear of Central Thailand where the sever damage is done, and I'm flying from the far north to the mid south (Ko Samui) on Saturday. The weather in the south has been fine and the forecast looks good.

My posts have been a bit bleak, and that's because all the details are going into my daily postings that I do on my blackberry. All those stories and accompanying photos will be posted when I get home.

Travelling safely from Thailand,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Travelling solo

We had a great time in Nha Trang, the day we arrived was perfect beach weather and we took the oppotunity to hire a cabana on the beach at a resort where for the exchange of using the services of their bar, we got to use the swimming pool as well. Not a bad deal. We had a private cabana on a beautiful beach, a server bringing us drinks and lunch and use the swimming pool all day. I was a little nervous seeing that we just started a tab for the day, but when the bill came, the damage was in perportions of $32 USD.

We spent a few days there and enjoyed them all. We got stuck riding our bicycles through a torential downpour with water up to our knees and kicking fish off our feet, but it ended up being one of the most memorable parts of the trip so far.

We flew to Ho Chi Minh City yesterday and spent the afternoon roaming around. Very cool city, not as bad (busy, noisy, chaotic) as expected. Its quite nice actually.

I said goodbye to Anthony last night. He caught a midnight flight and we said good bye from the hotel. This morning I'm killing time in a cafe before catching my bus to Phenom Phen. About a 6 hour ride for $10 :)

I'm getting used to the price of things, it might be hard to re-adjust when I get home. What do you mean I can't eat breakfast for $1.10?

All is well. More updates coming from Cambodia!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Trails

I know I promised to update often to both keep a paper trail of my adventure and to keep worrying minds at home at rest. But the truth is that I'm having too much fun to be looking for internet cafes and sitting infront of a computer.

Vietnam has been amazing. We used Hanoi as a base for coming to and from 2-3 day excursions. We went north to Sapa for a couple days of trekking in the hills (close to the Chinese boarder), then out to Halong Bay for a 2 day cruise on a 'junk'. Now we're in Hoi An and loving this quiet central Vietnam town. We arrived here yesterday and are trying to figure out how to spend a few more days before moving on. It's been great.

I have been keeping up with the daily blogs, but until I'm back in Canada where I can afford to upload them, on my Blackberry is where they'll stay. Writting about my adventures is much easier (and a great time killer) while on night trains, mini-buses long taxi's and even in the back of a tuk-tuk.

Lots of stories and pictures to come when I get home. Until then, I'll try to posts as often as possible, but otherwise, just know we're having a great time, the people are incredible, the country is beautiful and I'm having an unbelivable experience.

Travelling safe,