Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogging in Thailand time

It's been some time since my last bolg update, and for those using my blog to make sure that all is well in my travels and that I'm getting around safely - sorry for the delay.

I'm currently in Chiang Mai which is in the northern part of Thailand. I've been here a few days now after moving through Cambodia visiting Phnom Phen and Siem Reap. All was very exciting and an interesting experience. Some I would do again, others I was glad to see go.

While I'm not at the need of my journey yet, I feel it coming soon. I'm starting to miss the comforts of home and especially Anthony. Nothing is as much fun when he's not around. There is still plenty that I want to see in Thailand, but it would take at least another month to see it all so I think I will save some of it when we can come back together another time.

Also, I find myself thinking alot about what's coming next for me. I find my mind is busy with thoughts of Powered By Noie and The Ride to Conquer Caner. I have projects at home I have been looking forward to starting since completing Ironman and of course, a job. While I'm not excited about the thought of going back to work, I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and I'm eager to put some wheels in motion.

If you've been watching CNN and are concerned about the flooding that has been reeking havoc on Thailand, worry not, I've stayed clear of Central Thailand where the sever damage is done, and I'm flying from the far north to the mid south (Ko Samui) on Saturday. The weather in the south has been fine and the forecast looks good.

My posts have been a bit bleak, and that's because all the details are going into my daily postings that I do on my blackberry. All those stories and accompanying photos will be posted when I get home.

Travelling safely from Thailand,

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