Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Trails

I know I promised to update often to both keep a paper trail of my adventure and to keep worrying minds at home at rest. But the truth is that I'm having too much fun to be looking for internet cafes and sitting infront of a computer.

Vietnam has been amazing. We used Hanoi as a base for coming to and from 2-3 day excursions. We went north to Sapa for a couple days of trekking in the hills (close to the Chinese boarder), then out to Halong Bay for a 2 day cruise on a 'junk'. Now we're in Hoi An and loving this quiet central Vietnam town. We arrived here yesterday and are trying to figure out how to spend a few more days before moving on. It's been great.

I have been keeping up with the daily blogs, but until I'm back in Canada where I can afford to upload them, on my Blackberry is where they'll stay. Writting about my adventures is much easier (and a great time killer) while on night trains, mini-buses long taxi's and even in the back of a tuk-tuk.

Lots of stories and pictures to come when I get home. Until then, I'll try to posts as often as possible, but otherwise, just know we're having a great time, the people are incredible, the country is beautiful and I'm having an unbelivable experience.

Travelling safe,

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  1. Whoo Hoo! Happy travels! Just thinking about it makes me smile, ah Asian food, great people, the culture, the amazing smells, junks and tuk tuks.....what a great life:-)
    Thanks for the updates Sarah!