Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 major cities, 2 continents and 1 confused biological clock

We woke up this morning at 6am in St Thomas US Virgin Islands to catch our flight at 8:15. We connected in Miami and had a 6 hour layover so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring a little bit of South Beach. We siezed the opportunity to rent a couple of Segways and motored our way up and down Ocean Drive, the Boardwalk and even had time for lunch on a patio on Esplanada Way (historic spanish part of the city). We got back to the airport just in time to get our 6 pm flight to Los Angeles were we had another 3 hours to kill. Not enough time to get out of the airport, but just enough time to enjoy some of LAX's finest food court dining and learn a few new card games at the gate waiting for our 11:50pm flight. Fourteen hours later we've arrived in Hong Kong and we've completely lost track of what day or time it is. We know technically it's 6:45am on Monday Sept 27, although we did wake up this morning when it was only Saturday Sept 25th.

I'm not sure if I want lunch, dinner or to pass out for a good (nights?) rest. I will however go with the flow and take any opportunity to get a morning coffee and bagel.. it is before 7am technically right?

Ok - well, one more connection and we're finally in Bangkok. All is well and can't wait to post some great pictures of our adventures so far.


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