Friday, September 24, 2010

Great trip! Bad blogging!

Just a quick update for anyone who thinks we've gone missing...

I intended to post to my blog everyday since I had figured out how to do so from my blackberry, but turns out that I couldn't afford to eat or have anywhere to sleep after paying for the data uploading and roaming charges in both the Carribean and Asia. So... instead I will have to rely on hotel internet cafe's for posting updates.

We're having a great time and enjoying our last night in St Thomas US Virgins Islands. The BVI's were amazing, but we have an early flight to catch in the morning so we're here tonight to make things easier on us. Tomorrow starts 40+ hours of travelling and my next update will be from somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Don't worry, I'm keeping blog posts prepared daily for posting as soon as I get the chance and a bit more time.

All is well.


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