Friday, September 18, 2009

What a summer...

Just as I expected, it's been tricky keeping the blog updated now that I'm not training. Life certainly is different now than it was a few months back. Now that the summer is officially over, the days are cooler and the darkness comes early, I am finally winding down from the busiest summer/year I've had in sometime. As I take a night to finally sit in, and for the first time in 6 weeks not have somewhere to run off too for the weekend, I am taking a few moments to reflect on what an amazing (and jam packed) 9 months it's been:

First work out with LETC (Leading Edge Tri Club)
CPR Course/Certification
Baby Shower for Kierstie!
Personal Training Practical Exam - got certified!
Volunteer: Cypress Mountain - Freestyle Ski World Cup
Volunteer: Whistler Sliding Center - Bobsleigh World Cup
Started Book Club!
Volunteer: Whistler Olympic Park - IPC Biathlon/Cross Country World Cup
Volunteer: Whistler Olympic Park - IBU Biathlon World Cup
Volunteer: Canadian Blind Sports - Guide Runner
Trip back to Toronto for Easter long weekend
Sun Run - 10K
Training Camp to California - Wildflower!
Shawnigan Lake Triathlon - Olympic
Scotiabank Half Marathon
Training Camp in Penticton
Osoyoos Half Ironman
Sarah's Baby Shower - trip to Victoria!
Ironman 70.3 - Calgary
Volunteer: World Police & Fire Games
Friends form Toronto come to visit!
Kelowna Triathlon
Volunteer: Ironman Canada
More friends from Toronto come to visit!
Baby Jefferies is born! Trip to the island...

Whew, no wonder I'm pooped! How did I fit that in with 10+ hours of training a week?

I'm glad that things are winding down a bit now, I'm really enjoying having the extra energy back. I really notice the difference that it's made, especially at work. Things are getting ramped up there and I'm glad to have 100% of my focus and energy there. It's a strange adjustment though - not having to get form one workout to another. I feel a sense of guilt not working out hard everyday and not having been for long runs or long bike rides in a while.. but I keep reminding myself that I put in a great 8 months and I deserve the break.

A couple things that I'm looking forward to over the winter; indoor rock climbing, yoga (oh how I miss yoga), bootcamp classes at Steve Nash (I'm really curious and looking to mix up a bit)

For now, I'll soak up the rest a little bit longer, then get back into some regular exercise. I'm sure I'll find something to fill my calendar with in no time.. I'm not too good at this 'just hangin' around thing. Makes me wonder what the heck I'm going to do next year when I'm unemployed!!!!


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