Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canada Day 4KM swim

Happy Birthday Canada! Lookin' good for your age....

I celebrated Canada's birthday with a 4 km open water swim out at Sasamat Lake. The idea was not to race, but to swim that distance (further than the Ironman swim distance) in open water, with other swimmers and in a competitive environment. My goals were simple. I wanted to finish with gas left in the tank, to swim smart and conserve energy by swimming in a draft and to stay on pace for my Ironman goal. Check, check and check. Mission accomplished.

I swam the first 2000M loop strong but for the most part alone. So on the second loop when two swimmers caught up to me, I slowed my pace and fell in line. It was slightly frustrating as they were swimming exactly the same pace as me so I didn't feel like I was making up time as much as I was just conserving energy by swimming (what felt like) uber slow. Turns out it worked for me in the end because coming out of the last marker, I felt strong and left them all behind finishing 50M ahead of them with excess fuel in the tank and just about exactly on pace. Yey me!

It was a great week of training, lots of miles both on the road and in the pool and a climb up Cypress Mountain for good measure. Next week I'm heading out to Osoyoos to prepare for the Half Iron on July 10th which should be a hot one.

Eat, sleep, swim, bike, run. That's about all that's happening around here these days. 8 weeks and counting to the big day.

Training happy and training healthy.

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