Sunday, February 22, 2009

A perfect Saturday

What a great week. It started off a bit slow, was feeling a bit tired and again, missed my Tuesday night swim. Felt pretty bad about it, but was in bed at 8:15pm so I guess I couldn't feel too bad. At least I didn't forfeit a swim just to sit on the couch - I was actually tired.

Wednesday nights spin was brutal. The workouts are definitely getting tougher as get fitter. To that point, the track workout on Thursday was killer! Plus - I got lost on the bus getting there (since my usual ride was sick and didn't go). It took me 2 buses, a train and a $10 cab ride to get there (late)... but I made it. I'll save my gripping about not having a car for some other time...

Here's a taste of the track workout:

10min warm up
3 x 200m ALL OUT with 2:30 recovery
5 x 200m on 1:15s (4 times)
400m cool down
That middle section (main set) is 20 times 200M sprints! That was tough.
Following that, on Friday, it was SO NICE out (13 degrees and sunny) so I left the office early and headed home to head out for a run along the seawall with an old friend.
Saturday morning, I ran into another old friend and we went for a long ride out to Horseshoe Bay. It was a perfect way to spend a beautiful day.
Here are some pics from our ride;

It definitely was a tough week. I put in the most miles running this week since last summer and my legs are feeling it. Lots of relaxing at home after the workouts makes it all worth it :) Plus - I picked up a new coffee maker so now my early morning rituals are not capped at one savory cuppa joe, but a (seemingly) never ending pot of caffeine goodness to get me going.

It's been a great week, and I'm looking forward to next week. It's going to be a busy one. In fact, training is going to suffer for the next two weeks. The Sport Events are in full throttle now (I work for the Olympics) and next week is the Ice Sledge Hockey tournament. These are the Paralympians that play ice hockey (in a sled because most of them don't have the use of their legs). I got to see a documentary on the Canadians Men's team last year and since then have been looking forward to seeing them defend their World Championship title next week. As an able bodied athlete, it's truly inspiring to watch these guys do what they do.

The NEXT week, I'll be up in Whistler working at the Paralympic Biathlon and Cross-Country World Cup. Again, some really inspiring athletes. Anyone that has the chance to see it - come out to Whistler Olympic Park - it's free!

Anywho; here are my stats from this week:

Happy training everyone!


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