Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday rituals

Oh Sundays. How I've come to love thee.

Sundays no doubt have become bitter sweet. They start early, and include two long and mostly grueling workouts, but there is something about Sundays that just make my little heart content. It's hard to put my finger on it...actually...who am I kidding.. I know exactly what it is...

It's something saved only for weekends, vacations and holidays.
It's so simple, but is so satisfying
It's so easy and can make the worst days seem not so bad
It's sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed in the mornings...

The Afternoon Nap.

Full on, back into bed, pull the covers up, tuck the blankets under your feet, wedge your head between the pillows, TV on the golf channel...NAP. Sigh. Is there anything better?

Today was no exception. I had a great swim this morning, followed by a 50min run from home. A shower, a bite to eat, and then.... nap time!! Of course, it doesn't hurt when this is the view from your bed:

Ahh.. so sweet. Following suit with the Sundays rituals: I got up from my nap, went grocery shopping, came home and cooked a feast of chili and baked yummy, oatmeal, sugar-free, protein packed, blueberry muffins for meals this week.

Now, I'm ready for next week and going to bed, relaxed, satisfied and looking forward to going to work tomorrow (and to enjoying an evening off of training)

Here's what the swim looked like today (no time trials):
300M - Warm up
3 x Drill: 50 Kick
50 drill
50 free
13 x 100 free: non-free on the 3rd 100's
Relay race
Total: 2300M
Good night!

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