Saturday, January 31, 2009

Officially Official Week

Wow what a week! This week was great - lots on the go of course, here's the run down:

Monday: Off (sweet, sweet Mondays)
Tuesday: GREAT swim (about 1400m), but missed my gym workout during the day
Wednesday: 45min spin with coach/club, felt great.
Thursday: Run with coach/club; 1km rectangle block, full out on the long side, easy recovery on the short sides - 30min continuous (10min warm up and cool down)
Friday: I missed both workouts today -BUT- that's because I went out skating at the Richmond Olympic Oval!
Saturday: Easy ride 1:10min

Today I took another step in completing yet another project I had on the go. I took a CPR and First Aid course today and with the completion of that course, I am now officially a Certified Personal Trainer!

I completed the Personal Training course late last year, but because of work commitments I didn't complete the exams until just last week. Becoming CPR certified was the final step! Yey me!

Also, yesterday I registered for my first Half Ironman! August 2, 2009 I'll be heading out to Calgary to race. I'm not sure if this will be my first one, or if I will try to do a Half Iron before then. There are a few I have my eye on a few others, but this is the first I've actually registered for. No turning back now!

The best part of racing in Calgary? My Mom will be there!! It was definately a factor in my choosing Calgary to race, I can't wait to have her at another one of my races!

The course made for a long day today, I was up and doing my ride before 6am! Thank God for indoor trainers - they make life SO easy! Now of course I'm pooped and will be going to bed uber early to that I have lots of energy for the swim/run tomorrow. I think we're doing time trials for the swim which means I'll be working hard than normal. Time to start wrapping things up for the night.

Happy training everyone!


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