Sunday, August 16, 2009

I 'heart' summer

So it's going to be tough to keep blogging the next few weeks. Now that I've completed my last race of the season, I am making the absolute most of the summer. I've been on more patios, drank more beer and stayed up later in the last two weeks than I have in all of 2009 so far. It's been awesome.

Last week I played beach volleyball on a Tuesday night for a friend that was down a player and we went out for beer on a patio afterwards. Friday night I went out for drinks with a friend that was in town from Toronto and we stayed up waayyy to late. Saturday I was up in Whistler watching a mountain bike competition and was not shy with the beer and pizza (again) while enjoying a summertime patio.

I still managed to get in at least an hour long workout every day either in the gym, in the pool, a run and a nice 2 hr bike ride this morning (all that beer and pizza comes at a price you know), but it's been really nice doing it all for the exercise and not for the "training".

Next weekend Tash is off to Kelowna to race and I'll be joining her as the official team TriHard cheerleader. It should be alot of fun. The weekend after that is IRONMAN CANADA!!! I"m still pretty excited to be volunteering. It'll be a great way to close off the summer.


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