Monday, August 10, 2009

Calgary Ironman 70.3

Last weekend I was in Calgary and completed the Ironman 70.3. What an awesome race and an awesome weekend. It seems like ages ago now - its been a very crazy week since I've been back. I flew home Monday morning (early) and went straight from the airport to the beach where I helped set up for the World Police & Fire Games beach volleyball which I was volunteering for all week.

The race in Calgary was great, and not just for the race, but for the whole weekend. Mostly because I got to spend it with my Mom and share with her a little bit of my passion. She's so supportive and it was just incredible to have her there cheering me on.

I'm having a hard time getting a blog out this week, partially because I'm a bit tired from a crazy busy week of long days at the beach followed by late nights out "experiencing" the Games. :)

I think the real reason for lagging behind in the review and break down of my race, something I typically really enjoy looking back on and re-living via the blogging experience, is that despite my AMAZING season this year, and how much fun I had..... I'm sort of relieved it's over.

Yes, I'm kind of glad to see my race season come to an end for now. I've been training hard, been completely dedicated and focused on training and being completely involved in Triathlon for the last 8 months, that I'm really looking forward to just enjoying what remains of the summer.

I love Triathlon and everything it gives too me... but like everything - you get out what you put in, and I've put in alot. I'm enjoying the relief from training schedules and commitments. I'm really enjoying my time off and I think I will take it pretty easy for the next while.


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