Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dreaming of 2010

Finally! I've started to daydream about Ironman. As mentioned in my last post, I've stopped stressing about how much I've enjoyed the off season so far. I'm not training, I'm barely staying in shape and my focus has been on anything but triathlon. But recently, I've started to get small little glimpses into the year ahead, and I start to get the tingle. The butterflies of excitement when dreaming of what lies ahead. With Christmas inching closer, 2010 is right around the corner. If I think about everything that's coming at me fast and furiously in the next year, I run the risk of getting overwhelmed.. so I have to break it down into digestible chunks.

December: I've started to swim once a week and get my water wings back into working order. It feels great to be back in the pool. I was sort of dreading the nights where I walk 20 min in the dark and cold just to get into a cold pool, work hard and freeze during the even longer, colder and darker walk home afterwards. Fortunately, it's been anything but dreaded. Swimming is such a release. It's a great workout, it's a great way to quiet your mind and actually quite relaxing. As for the walk to and from... well - now I have a car.. so it's much less painful :)

December also marks the beginning of outdoor winter sports for me. Today, I'm heading up to Cypress for some skate skiing with the girls. It's a rare bluebird sky day in Vancouver, so we're taking full advantage.

Come January the whirl wind will begin. Because of the Olympics, I won't be able to plan ahead much more than week by week. I'm still hoping to get in some indoor rock climbing to keep things interesting, but since the LETC (my Tri Club) workouts start the first weekend in January, I'm not too sure I"ll be able to fit it all in. I'll have to keep reminding myself to start SLOW. The key words this year for me are FUN, SAFE and SMART. No overtraining for me this year. Slow and steady.

February and March are a write off. I will exists on a day to day basis :)

April I'm hoping to get in some much desired travelling. I have my eyes set on Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. I hope to be gone for 4-6 weeks.

May - what?!?! It's May already... holy crap.. only 4 months to Ironman. I'd better get training.

June, July, August.... training, training, training...

So, as you can see. Before I know it, it will be August and I'll find myself somewhere out on the 180km bike course saying "what the heck just happened?"

Well - seeing as it's a beautiful day out there, I"m not wasting anymore time in here. I'm off for a quick 20min run around the park, then to grab a coffee, some groceries, then up to the mountain for some winter fun!


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