Saturday, May 29, 2010

An uninspiring mood

Well, it's been 7 days straight (maybe even more) of grey, cloud and pissing rain. I've been looking for something inspiring to post on my blog as a few have been asking for updates, but to be honest, I've really got nothing all that exciting to tell.

Despite the weather, training has been going well. After a day of rest and yoga following last weekends race, I was back on my bike Wednesday morning. I had great plans for a nice ride over to the North Shore to Honey's in Deep Cove (one of my fave destination rides for coffee and yummies) but instead, because of the threat of down pour, I circled Stanley Park for an hour and forty-five minutes so that if/when the rain came, I wasn't to far from home. Good workout... but booorrrrring. I need a rain bike.

I hit the pool for an awesome workout Wednesday morning. Not just any pool either - the Kitsalano Beach outdoor, saltwater, 137M (longest outdoor pool in Canada) pool. I got into my wetsuit for the first time since last summer and had a helluva time getting into it. I swear those things shrink over the winter. Good thing there were a few other ladies struggling just the same so I didn't feel so bad. I swam 55min constant. Nice and slow, nice and easy.

Later that afternoon I headed out to Anthony's place and we geared up for a run. We wanted to head out to a favourite trial of ours around Buntzen Lake, although we were a bit lazy and by the time we got our butts in gear rush hour traffic had changed our minds and we opted for a high intensity hill workout closer to home. Good on Anthony for workin' out with me :)

Today I faced the ultimate test in training boredom. It's long ride day and of course, I woke up to pissing rain and wet roads. Not wanting to pass up my long ride this week, I pulled out my trainer and jumped on with the TV remote in hand. Two and a half hours and 5 Do-It-Yourself home reno shows on HGTV later and I was bored out of my brain. It wasn't the 3:15 I was hoping to get in, but I couldn't do it anymore. I was looking at the clock every 3 minutes hoping that 15min had passed. At least I got a good sweat in. Plus, I popped in P90X Ab Ripper video immediately after the ride (which was 30min) so I figure I got in the workout I needed.

I hate the rain. I used to love it. Coming from Toronto where you can count on the nice weather in the summer - always sunny and HOT HOT HOT - one rainy day was a nice relief and excuse to stay inside and watch movies. In Vancouver, the novelty of the rain has worn off, and my patience for rainy days is wearing thin (not to mention my levels of Vitamin D reserves). Now that I've decided to take all this time off to enjoy the summer and play in BC, all this rain is putting a serious damper on my big summer plans.


Well, there is some good news to share. Powered By Noie, has now raised $5,505 for the Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. That's incredible! If you're still looking to pledge your support, please visit Kierstie's page and contribute through her. We still need your support!

Also - my sister Jen has decided to do the Orillia Triathlon in Ontario! Congratulations Jen!!! You should be proud of yourself just for signing up - that's usually the toughest part. Now that your committed to it - your training will come with more motivation than ever. I'm so proud of you! I wish I could be there to cheer you on. This will be Jen's first Sprint distance Triathlon since doing her first Try-a-Tri a few years ago. I love it! Way to go Jen.
That's all for today. Rumour has it the sun is going to make a short appearance tomorrow. I'm so excited I can't contain myself (said with rainy, cloudy,droopy sarcasm).

I hope where ever your training your doing it happy and healthy.

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