Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Book of Awesome

What an amazing week. Following last weeks stellar training performances, I spent a bit of time crusin' through a bunch of different blogs that I like to follow. Through one of these, I found a link to an inspiring post-race, race report from an obviously talented long course triathlete. Seeing as my theme of the day was "feeling awesome" this guys report was both timely and relevant.

He mentions early in his post that when it came to his training, choosing his mental state was not enough, he was going to have to practice it. This made a whole lot of sense too me, especially after my promise to celebrate every success with myself. So that's what I did this week - I practiced feeling awesome.

It started with simple things, like keeping a big hardy grin on my face as I walk to and from the pool. Then it turned into a skip in my step and a bounce during my run, but on Thursday, my practising awesomeness kicked into high gear.

It's been raining and basically crap weather in Vancouver for God knows how long now and although Kierstie and I had planned a rain-or-shine training ride, we still bailed out due to the torrential downpour we were experiencing downtown. I mean, it was raining puddles. So instead we opted for the much dryer (and far more rare) trip to the gym. Gasp! I know... the gym (I hate the gym). I took advantage of the machines and free weights that were available on this one time guest pass opportunity I was granted and we worked our upper bodies like there would never be another chance to do another Lat Pull Down... ever. Well wouldn't you know it, but before our workout was over, the rain stopped. So, not missing any opportunity, I ditched the free weights and ran home to jump on my bike. I was headed out for the 60km ride I had originally planned for.

Ok - so after 45km's of hills on the North Shore, I was starting to feel that gym workout. Plus, in all my excitement of clear skies I forgot to eat after the gym. Time to start practising awesome. Ever heard that phrase "fake it 'till ya make it"?

I was riding like I was dragging a spare tire behind me. I had almost made it home but there was still one very large obstacle in my way. That damn Lions Gate Bridge is my nemesis. It's always a bitch to get over, especially at the end of a hard (or what feels like hard) ride. Any how, up I went. Head down I imagined a giant magnet on the back of the guy who was in front of me. I pictured my legs attached to a pulley system that with each spin of my pedals, pulled me closer to the top. And finally, my mind was roaring. Screaming! BOOMING like a machine - I FEEL AWWWWWESOMMMME!

Well it worked. The guy in front of me never dropped me and I moved up and over that stupid bridge 3km's /hr faster than on my best of days.

So maybe practise will make perfect. I figure if I want to race feeling awesome, I should train that way to.

If that wasn't enough, this weekend while shopping around my fav wholesale membership club chain warehouse for a years supply of toilet paper and toothpaste, from out of the corner of my eye I see a book staring me down. I kid you not - The Book of AWESOME.

A totally different kind of awesome. Like high-fiving babies, putting on underwear right out of the dryer and remembering that movie that that guy is from. That kind of awesome. Any how, since it was my theme of the week, I figured I can't pass up such an obvious sign from the universe and I made my whole sale purchase. Now have an book to bring to the beach and something new to share with all of you. See side bar for Sarah's Fav Awesome Things.

Finally, I'll end on letting everyone know that Powered By Noie has raised over $6,100 for this years Ride To Conquer Cancer. That's so incredible. Kierstie and I are so ready for this ride and we are so grateful for all the support we've received. Thank you all so very much. The ride is in less than two weeks and we can't wait.

Happy training everyone! Train happy, train healthy!

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