Friday, June 18, 2010


So here we are. It was just a few short months ago when Kierstie and I decided to participate in this incredible event and join the fight against cancer. The fundraising was daunting and the training was going to be long, but we did it, here we are, ready to go.

First and foremost, we are so incredibly touched by the generosity of those that made contributions to our team. We set out with a goal of raising $5000 and in just 11 weeks, we've raised $6,307. We are so grateful for each gift, without you, we couldn't have done this.

So the training is done, the funds are raised and tomorrow the journey begins. The ride may only last for two days, but the Powered By Noie team is only starting to gain momentum. We've very quietly started telling people that we'll be coming back next year and already, our team has grown to 9 riders strong in BC. A friend of Mom's in Alberta has expressed interest and I know the support is in Ontario when I start looking for a team there. In 2011, Powered By Noie will span across Canada in each of the provinces where Mom had family, friends and an impact on peoples lives.

Our jerseys arrived on time and looking incredible. They are such a perfect expression and salute to Mom and what her lessons to us were.

The inspiration started with a "dream catcher". These native aboriginal pieces resemble spider webs and are are hung above or near your bed and are said to catch your dreams as you sleep. Mom had a few of these and believed in their powers. While the focal point of the jersey appears to be a flower at first glance, it's actually a closely cropped image of the center of a larger dream catcher.

Surrounding the dream catcher on either side are "power words" or words we used to both describe my Mom and what we learned from her. Repeated throughout the jersey (front and back) are the words inspire, reach, dream, conquer, perservere, laugh, love, live, happy, believe, influence, spirit, beautiful, confidence, independent,friendships, sisterhood, patience, smile, listen, kindness, fearless, miracles, family, angels.

There are two yellow panels on each side of the jersey and written length wise in white is "REACH" on the left and "INSPIRE" on the right. These are easily readable while we're riding to anyone looking at us and this way we remind others to reach for their dreams and by doing so, continue inspiring others to do the same.

Finally, my most favourite part. What you can't see is inside the collar, tightly hugged around our necks, the word "DREAM" is woven in amongst a vine of Forget Me Nots, one of Mom's favourite flowers and a perfectly appropriate symbol of why we're here.

Tomorrow morning Kierstie and I and 2000 other riders leave Vancouver at 7am to cover 262km's on our bikes. We are riding to remember those that we lost. We ride to support those that are still fighting. We ride so that some day, we won't have to ride anymore.


  1. Count me in for the captain of the Ontario team. YOu have to get me a team jersey..... Sarah you make me so proud to call you my sister.... so much love Ashley

  2. Hey Sarah, I am so very proud of your team and you! I was thinking about you all weekend. You both did amazing raising so much money!!!

    Your spirit shines through your blog Sarah, thank you! I keep reminding myself that it is all good, that we can do whatever we want to do, and you my dear friend, are the epitome of that. I love you dearly. My new motto is 'awesome':-)

    The riding jerseys are so totally inspiring, I couldn't see them thru my tears though. You rock sister!

    I have no doubt that Team Alberta will be part of the NOIE team next year. GAWD I miss her so much.

    I am rooting for you and need to know when the Ironman will take place so I can be one of your biggest fans!~

    Lots of Luv, Brenda Harll