Thursday, August 5, 2010

24 days to go..

24 days to go before Ironman. How am I feeling? Ready. Ok "ready-ish". I've started to question my months of preparation, wondering if I worked hard enough and if I did everything that I could have. I've listened to others stories of training days and weeks gone by and wonder if my days and weeks were comparable. It always sounds like they've worked SO hard with their huge rides and monster runs. I know that I've worked hard, I know that what I've put in is an incredible amount of work - but I think it's human nature to feel like we just don't compare. However, I do get some peace of mind from seasoned Ironmen who assure me that my panic is right on schedule.

The last few weeks have been tough ones. As the amount of hours dedicated to training in a week rose steadily, the decline of everything else in life was just as apparent. Over the years I've gotten use to going to bed early and running out of energy not only by the end of the day, but also by the end of the week. I also learned a valuable lesson last year in what my capacity for training vs. life really is. Last year with a full time job and an intense focus on triathlon, I found that eventually - something had to give. In a job where multi-tasking was as essential as the english language, I was a (single) task oriented zombi. If I wasn't given clear direction on what to do and how to do it, it likely wasn't getting done. And heaven forbid there was a snag in the plan - o boy - my problem solving skills went from a noteworthy asset to not only could I not fix the problem, but I couldn't even figure out who to call who could rescue me from the troubling issue. Thank God this was a short period and my season came to an early end saving not only my passion for triathlon, but also my job.

Thankfully I was prepared enough to take the summer off and enjoy the final preparations for Ironman this year. I may not have a job, but I still notice the changes that training brings. Fortunately I have the time to nap it off, or to change up my training plans to suit my needs for the day/week. Unfortunately, it's my boyfriend that has to deal with my short-comings and zombi-like personality of the last few weeks. Thankfully he's a sharp cookie and has already learned to get me home and in bed no later than 10pm because by 10:15 I WILL fall asleep wherever I am and that includes falling asleep mid sentence even if I am talking to you.
There have been only a few emergency situations that we've found ourselves in where for one reason or another (probably my zombi-quality planning that day) that we are still up or out somewhere come midnight and, my word, let me just say, when my blood sugar is that low and my brain has turned in for the night HOURS ago.... it is not pretty. I've never seen anyone move so quickly to get another adult to bed. Also, he once caught me in the elevator when I fell asleep standing up.

Ok, so it's not always like that. But I must show some appreciation for those that take on Ironman without the luxury of the time off. People do what I'm doing everyday all the while working full time jobs, being husbands or wives, moms and dads. They are incredible. I've taken the easy route.

I think all I'm getting at today is that "IronCrew" - friends, family and supporters of Ironmen in training deserve a helluva thank-you for everything that they put up with. We couldn't do it without you.

Now, I'm packing my bags yet again for one last trip to Penticton to ride the bike course as my very last long training ride. After this, the next time I head to the Okanagan will be to finish the Ironman Canada race.

Hanging in there....

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