Saturday, August 28, 2010

T'was the night before Ironman

Here it is. The night before Ironman. The gear bags are checked, the bags have been packed, the carbs have been loaded. My nerves are in full flight, my stomach upside down, but I'm ready. Not really one clear thought going through my head. Maybe there's so many that I can't focused on just one, or maybe I'm just done thinking about this day, and just ready for it to be here.

Nothing more can be done, a quiet night is all I can control now. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and the first thought through my head will be "Today is the best day of my life". Whatever comes my way tomorrow I will roll with it, go with it, and soak up every moment of it. In the end, my pain and doubt and fear will have all disappeared and I will have accomplished something that 5 years ago was a silly, unrealistic, highly unlikely dream.

Tomorrow, I will be an Ironman.

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