Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 7

Here it is Day 7 and things are trucking along. It's been a great week for Canada - gold in men's moguls and gold in womens snowboarder cross.
Day 4 Jen and the boys and I went to see Canada take on the Swiss in Ice Hockey. We had seats right behind the net in the first row! The game was pretty exciting and Canada kicked some serious a$$ beating SUI 10-1.

Day 5 I ran around like a crazy person, but I did get to the womens snowboard cross event at Cypress and saw Maelle win gold for Canada! Later that evening Anthony and I got out to Canada Hockey House to celebrate with a few cold ones.

Day 6 I took on a shift in the Sport Command Center at HeadQuarters to provide a little relief for the team that has already taken on so much more than what was expected of them. Hopefully I can continue to help them out with a shift here and there. Fortunately, while I was there I came across some tickets to the men's halfpipe finals that were not being used. Unfortunately no one on the team was able to use them but luckily enough, I have a boyfriend who was giddy when I told him he could go. He was pretty happy.

Day 7 I did some work this morning but spent most of the day visiting with Jen and the boys. Time is flying by and before I know it they will be gone. I got to accompany them up to Cypress once again to see the womens halfpipe final. Very cool.
That's the update for now. Here are a few more pics from around town.

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