Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another strange reality

Today is my Mom's birthday. I was never any good at sending birthday cards, I ALWAYS forgot. I would leave it until the day before and have to send my $3.75 card by priority overnight delivery and it would cost me $17.85 to get it there on time. I gave up on cards a few years back and started sending flowers instead. Sure they were more expensive, but I could call the day before and have them arrive on time for sure. Plus, she loved flowers.

I would give anything to call my Mom today. To wish her a Happy Birthday and spend an entire day making sure she felt as special as possible. Making sure that she got everything that she deserved on her birthday and truly celebrate her being here in this world. We never do that when we have the chance. We never make a big deal out of things like birthdays anymore. A card, a phone call, another year gone by.

I couldn't call her today, I couldn't wish her a happy birthday and I didn't have to worry about sending a card on time. I got flowers delivered to me instead with a card that read "In memory of Mum" and an email from my sister saying that she would take flowers to Mom's grave today.

Another strange reality.

Sorry for dark post today. Some days are better than others.

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