Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The strength to endure

I have a white board/cork board in my apartment beside the front door. I pin things to it or write things on it that motivate me or resonate with me in a way that remind me not only to continue pursuing my dreams but also to live my life in a way I can be proud of. I just walked by it again this morning (as I do many many times everyday) and for one reason or another I stopped to read something that I had pinned up from a magazine article. Its become a relevant point in my life again as I suppose it was back when I posted it. I good reminder of why I love this sport.

"Triathlon, with its demands for mental, physical and emotional stamina and its ability to show athletes who they are and what they are made of, gives us the opportunity to learn how to endure - how to endure not just in our training, but in our work and in our lives. With its requirement for endurance through discipline, commitment and courage, (no matter the distance), triathlon builds strength, breeds success and sustains faith - faith that we as human beings have a profound and amazing capacity to overcome."

I hope you have something that encourages you to endure and to go out and get what you want and to do what brings you joy. We are all deserving and we are all capable, we all just need a little motivation sometimes.


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