Friday, March 19, 2010

The end is near...

It's three days until I'm officially let loose of my Olympic and Paralymic responsibilities. I have my last shift in the Sport Command Center today then I'm on call for Saturday and Sunday. By 3pm on Sunday March 21st, the Paralympic competition will be over, a bottle of champagne will be popped to celebrate and I will officially be unemployed.

Because the Paralympics have been so slow (in the need for urgency sense), I've had some time to get life sorted out a little bit and start getting back on track and ready to move forward post-games. I've been able to shake the terrible cold I had (thank god!) and I'm feeling back to normal. Thanks to the summer-like spring weather, I've been out for a few bike rides and even out to enjoy a few trail runs in the last week. It's been amazing. Although, I have come to accept that getting back into shape is really going to hurt. I did a 6km trail run yesterday that burned like 1mile repeats on the track. It's annoying to have what used to be so easy, hurt so badly. Anthony and I have also started this new routine of working out together. A little trail run here, a quick ride on the mountain bikes there.... it's awesome not only to be getting back into shape, but to do it with him.

Plans for the summer are starting to take shape. I've got some great ideas for training, adventures, volunteering, racing, new hobbies... While it's all in my head still, once I'm free from the confines of employment responsibility, I will really start to put planning into action.

I can't say enough how great it feels to be getting in some workouts. It's really been tough not being able to release physically the stresses and pressures of the last three months. I am bursting at the seems to get out there and enjoy the last hull towards achieving my Ironman dreams. Its' so close now I can taste it. Finally, after a long, long 4 and a half years, the final stretch is here.

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